Why a Front Door Awning Is a Wonderful Home Addition

Front Door AwningA front door awning can serve a variety of practical purposes. For one, a door awning can keep you dry during a rainstorm as you search for your keys in your pocket or purse. Another benefit is that a door awning can help to improve your home’s energy efficiency. By preventing the sun and its harmful ultraviolet rays from shining directly through your door, you can reduce the amount of heat that transfers into your home. And, by minimizing heat transfer into your home, you can reduce the workload of your air conditioning system, and possibly cut down on monthly energy expenses.

In addition to these functional benefits, a front door awning can affect your home in other ways as well. Awnings are available in many different styles, colors, and patterns, so installing one over your entryway is an opportunity to exercise your creativity and add some character to your home. And, installing an awning over your entry can not only give your home character, but also give it more curb appeal and increase its value.

Here at Sunesta, we specialize in custom awning manufacturing. When you choose us for your door awning, we’ll make sure it will fit over your entryway perfectly, right down to the inch. Additionally, we offer the industry’s largest selection of fabrics – with more than 150 styles to choose from – so you’ll be sure to find a look that complements your home’s exterior décor perfectly.

If you’re interested in having a front door awning custom made for your home, call 1-800-SUNESTA today. We proudly serve homeowners across the country.