How Does a Roller Shade Work?

How Does a Roller Shade Work?A roller shade, also known as a retractable blind or screen, can be a great addition to a window or patio to let you control how much of the sun’s light and heat to allow into your home at any given time. Many homeowners prefer to have easily operated retractable screens installed so that they can enjoy shade or sun when they want it without expending a lot of effort on rolling the fabric up and down. In fact, with a motorized, remotely operated roller shade, a homeowner can simply touch a button to lower the screen when the sun becomes annoying or raise it to let in more light, all without getting up from his or her chair.

Essentially, the value of retractable screens lies in the convenience of rolling the mesh fabric in and out of its housing as desired. The housing for retractable shades may be mounted to a wall or, in the case of an outdoor patio, a soffit system. Proper installation of retractable screens is key to their reliable performance, which means professional installation by trained and experienced technicians is recommended. If you are planning to have a roller shade installed, you’ll also want a screen that’s custom-manufactured to fit the opening you want to shade, so that your home will sport the sophisticated look of a tailored fit and also to ensure optimal performance. Again, that means hiring professionals to take precise measurements and determine the best placement of your retractable shade to give you the results you’re looking for.

Sunesta is a company that has been leading the way in innovations for retractable screens and awnings since 1981. Our customized retractable shades are second to none in terms of beautiful, versatile fabric that will stand up to the elements. We also offer accessories that can help you enjoy more convenience in retractable screens than ever before. Plus, we offer exceptional warranties on all components of our retractable shade systems.

Whether you want retractable screen walls to make your deck or patio more hospitable in inclement weather, or you want retractable window shades to prevent the sunlight from damaging your furniture and floor coverings, we’re happy to help you find the perfect shade solution to meet your needs. Contact us today for more information.