Motorized Retractable Screens From Sunesta – America’s Retractable Awning Pioneer

Motorized Retractable ScreensWith motorized retractable screens from Sunesta, you’ll come as close as humanly possible to controlling Mother Nature. When it’s too warm and bright for your liking, you’ll be able to block the unwanted sun (and the UV rays that come with it) with the press of a button. And, as the day goes on, you can adjust your projection screen to accommodate the ever-changing angle of the sun. Then, when the weather is more to your liking, you won’t be stuck with a screen blocking your view – simply press the button a second time and forget that it was ever there.

Instead of having to crank a handle around and around when you’d like to extend or retract your screen, our retractable systems allow you to do so with minimal effort on your part. Plus, optional remote controls allow you to operate your screen from your chair – so sit down, settle in, and relax.

While our motorized retractable screens can upgrade your outdoor living space the moment they’re installed, additional features such as the following can enhance your experience even further:

  • Built-in lights and heaters, so that you can continue to stay comfortable even after the sun goes down
  • Automated sun and motion sensors, so that you’ll have even less work to do (your screen will instinctively make adjustments to maximize your enjoyment)
  • Dropdown valances, which can also be motorized so that an additional panel can be put into place when you need extra shade

Ready to learn more about our motorized retractable screens? Call 1-800-SUNESTA today, and we’ll help you design the perfect outdoor screen for your home.