An Outdoor Privacy Screen from Sunesta Can Add a Barrier of Protection to Patios, Lanais, Doors, and Windows

Outdoor Privacy ScreenIf you’re looking to add an outdoor privacy screen over your windows, a door, patio, lanai, or any other outdoor structure you may have, turn to the shade solution experts at Sunesta. We can engineer your perfect day with our custom-made shade products that are designed to provide you with shade, privacy, and protection from the elements when you need it and unobstructed sunlight or open-air space when you want it. Plus, all of our shade screens are made with a retractable mechanism that allows you to have full control over how much sunlight and air can come through at any given time, so you’re in an environment that is most comfortable to you.

There are several other benefits of choosing an outdoor privacy screen from Sunesta for your home. For example, our shade screens:

  • Can be made to fit the exact dimensions of the area you want to protect
  • Block out harmful UV rays and keep insects out
  • Are available in different openness factors that filter different amounts of sunlight
  • Have opaque fabric options that provide extra privacy and room brightness control
  • And more

In addition to these great benefits, our shade screens are backed by industry leading warranties. This means that you can rest assured knowing that your investment in a privacy screen is well protected.

For more information about having a custom outdoor privacy screen made for your home, contact us today at 1-800-SUNESTA.