The Various Styles of Patio Awnings

Patio AwningsThe important thing to remember when shopping for patio awnings is that the sky is the limit in terms of style and functionality. This is why perusing the isles of a big-box store – where you might only find one generic awning in a couple of different colors – can be misleading. Indeed, purchasing a patio awning presents an opportunity not only to provide your patio with shade, but also to add some architectural flair to your home, and potentially even increase its value. So don’t settle for just any awning!

For this reason, it’s important to consider the different types of patio awnings available to you; this way, you have the advantage of choosing the one that best fits your home. Some of the different types of awnings that work well on patios include:

  • Retractable patio awnings – As the name implies, this type of awning is made specifically for the patio. Designed to be mounted to an exterior wall or roofline, this is the perfect option for shading a seating, eating, or grilling area that’s near the home.
  • Retractable pergola covers – Many homeowners have pergolas covering their patio, but still would like an extra level of protection from the sun’s rays and light rainstorms. That’s where a retractable pergola cover comes in handy, which can be extended and retracted with ease.
  • Freestanding shelters – These can function well as patio awnings when you’d like to shade an area away from the walls of your home, where a retractable awning might not reach. Maybe it’s an eating or grilling area or a seating area around a pool; either way, a freestanding shelter can do the job!

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