Durable Patio Screens Available for Your Home in Philadelphia, PA, or One of the Surrounding Communities

Patio Screens Philadelphia PAWhen you are in the market for patio screens for your home in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, or a surrounding area, turn to the shading experts at Sunesta. We have been in business since 1981 and in that time have developed a reputation for providing the best screens, awnings, and other shading products available in the industry.

Our patio screens are made with impressive, optional automated features that will allow you to control whether or not your patio is shaded with the simple push of a button. This means that you will be able to relax in the sun if you want or stay safe from its intense UV rays when you don’t. Additionally, by turning to Sunesta for your screen solutions at your home in the Philadelphia, PA, area, you will be able to choose from many of our customization options, including:

  • Your choice of the most popular screen colors
  • Motorized remote control operation
  • Customizable sizes to ensure a perfect fit for your porch or patio
  • And more

What’s more, all of the patio screens offered by Sunesta are made to be more durable than any other options in the industry. That is because we craft our screens with 100 percent solution-dyed synthetic fibers. This will keep your screen from experiencing any moisture damage or from ever fading in the sun.

For more information about why our patio screens are notches above what you’ll find anywhere else, contact Sunesta today at 1-800-SUNESTA. We proudly serve homeowners throughout Philadelphia, PA, and the rest of the United States.