Sunesta Custom-Manufactures Porch Awnings for Every Home

Porch awnings for homeIf you’re looking for porch awnings for your home, turn to Sunesta. As one of the first companies to custom-manufacture retractable awnings, we’re a true pioneer of the awning industry. While some of our competitors have turned to mass-manufacturing generically-sized and -colored awnings to sell in chain stores, Sunesta has retained its passion for creating unique solutions for every customer. Our focus remains on customization because we understand that every home is different. Our computer-aided production process allows us to create awnings to specific sizes, ensuring a perfect fit for your outdoor space. What’s more, we offer more than 180 different fabric styles, enabling you to choose a color that will not only look stunning, but also enrich your home’s visual appeal.

Customization is important to Sunesta, and so is durability. This claim is supported by the fact that we offer some of the industry’s best warranties. It also shows in each and every component of our awnings:

  • Fabric – Our fabric is treated for water resistance and is composed of acrylic fibers that have been 100 percent solution dyed to prevent fading and running.
  • Frames – Our frames are made of sturdy metals and feature a powder-coated finish that is four to eight times thicker than paint.
  • Hardware – Our hardware is made of stainless steel, so it will resist rust and corrosion.

When you choose Sunesta, you can be sure that your new awning will last as well as look beautiful on your home. You can also be sure of spectacular customer service. Each and every Sunesta Awning has a SmartCode™ – a unique number that will identify your awning and allow us to provide personalized service should you need assistance down the road.

For information about getting porch awnings for your home, call 1-800-SUNESTA today.