Awning Accessories from Sunesta

At Sunesta, we offer a wide variety of awning accessories to complement our shade solutions. While our awnings are exceptional products on their own, our accessories can provide further protection and enhanced functionality.

Awning AccessoriesThe Shadeside

The Shadeside is a retractable privacy wall that can be custom-manufactured to fit the precise dimensions of your patio. Resistant to mold and mildew and available in more than 150 fabric styles, this shade solution is perfect for any home.


Awning AccessoriesThe Sunboot

The Sunboot is a durable awning cover that will protect your canopies from animals, dirt, and inclement weather while stored for periods of time. Like our awnings, this patio cover comes in a wide variety of durable and beautiful fabrics to choose from.


Customers can pick from awning accessories like our:

  • Sunboot seasonal cover – This product is available in a wide variety of fabrics and will cover and protect your awning while it’s retracted. Inclement weather, animals, and dirt will be no match for this aesthetically pleasing and functional awning cover.
  • Shadeside retractable unit – If you want increased privacy, this product can be a great addition to your patio awning. While your patio canopy protects you from above, our Shadeside unit serves as a retractable wall that will further shield you from the elements. This is a great solution for those who want increased shade and privacy, but don’t want to commit to screening in their patio. We stand behind this product by offering a five-year warranty on the frame and up to a ten-year warranty on the fabric.

Plus, many of our shade solutions are compatible with our SmartControl™ awning accessories. This means that you can easily control your new awning using a remote control. You can also add other features like sun and wind sensors to your canopy, so that your cover will adjust itself depending on the amount of light and wind available.

If you would like to learn more about the awning accessories we have available, call 1-800-SUNESTA today. One of our knowledgeable associates is available to answer any questions you have and can tell you more about all of the outstanding products we offer.