A Sunesta Retractable Side Awning Can Add Shade & Privacy to the Patio or Porch of Your Home

Shadeside Retractable Side AwningSometimes blocking the sun’s rays from above with a retractable awning just isn’t enough to keep heat and glare from spoiling the fun you’re having on your patio or deck. That’s why Sunesta makes the Shadeside, a retractable side awning that can keep sunlight and solar heat from creeping in under your patio canopy. The Shadeside can also double as an outdoor privacy wall, creating your own temporary room addition to shield you from winter’s chill or the prying eyes of passersby.

Exceptionally Durable

Like all Sunesta shades and accessories, the Shadeside retractable side awning is made to order to meet each customer’s specifications, and it’s also built to last. Here are a few of the features you can expect:

  • Tough, Armor Coated™ frames available in your choice of white, beige, clay-colored, or brown
  • Acrylic fabric that resists mildew and fading and comes in your choice from over 130 colors and patterns
  • Battened fabric seams and other perks to ensure your side awning will operate with ease
  • Heights up to 6-feet-6 and extensions of up to 13 feet
  • Multiple mounting options, including rattle-free wall brackets and subterranean anchors for post mounting

Part of Our Family of Top-Notch Accessories

The Shadeside retractable side awning offers additional shade on demand that serves as the perfect complement to any Sunesta patio canopy. It’s one of a number of accessories that we offer to homeowners who wish to get the maximum benefit from their Sunesta shades products. For nighttime enjoyment of your deck or patio, you may be interested in our LED lights for retractable awnings. We also offer the Sunboot, a seasonal awning cover that will protect your retracted canopy from exposure to the weather whenever you’re not using it.

Call 1-800-SUNESTA today to find out how you can obtain a Shadeside retractable side awning for your home or to learn more about our exceptional retractable shades and accessories.