Protect Your Home from Rain with a Beautiful Door Awning from Sunesta

Door AwningAre you ready to install a front door awning to protect your home’s entrance from rain or to protect your indoor furnishings from UV rays while your door is open? If so, turn to the professionals at Sunesta. We have proudly served local homeowners, since 1981 and our custom-made products are crafted in many sizes to fit all unique spaces. Whether you desire a front or back door awning, our Sunbrero awning is able to suit all of your unique needs, as well as increase the aesthetic appeal of your home.

With a Sunesta retractable awning installed over the door of your home, you’ll reap some immediate benefits. For instance, while our door awnings are strong enough to withstand common weather conditions, the ability to retract them during high winds or stormy weather can prevent damage. While our door awnings are strong enough to withstand minor weather conditions, you will be granted control over whether or not you want your window extended or retracted. And, with a wide array of colors and styles to choose from, your door awning will perfectly complement the existing exterior of your home.

Sunesta Stands by Our Products

Sunesta stands by all of the products we offer by providing you with a comprehensive warranty that covers the frame, fabric, and motor of your product. And, in order to create a more efficient warranty experience, we pair each of our products with a unique SmartCode™ so that we are able to easily access the unique specifications of your door awning.

In addition to having our beautiful door awning products installed, some homeowners may be interested in covering their windows with retractable awnings to create a more energy-efficient home. That is why we offer our signature Sundrop window awning. This product helps block intense UV rays from entering your home, thus preventing a dramatic rise in temperature and protecting your furniture and carpet from premature fading.

For more information about the window and door awning products that we offer to homeowners in the United States, contact us today at 1-800-SUNESTA.