Have a Retractable Awning Installed on Your Home in NC to Enjoy the Shade & Sunshine

Retractable AwningA retractable awning can allow you to enjoy both the shade and the sunshine at your home in North Carolina. That’s because retractable awnings can be extended and retracted with the simple push of a button or turn of a handle, giving you the ability to have shade when you need it and sunshine when you want it.

If you are in the market for a retractable awning, consult with Sunesta. Founded in 1981, we are a longstanding pioneer of the industry. All of our awnings are custom-made to the exact specifications required by the customer. These include factors such as:

  • Size – We use a computer-aided manufacturing process that allows us to be very precise when it comes to awning size, ensuring a perfect fit on every home.
  • Fabric style – With more than 150 fabric styles in our collection, you will be sure to find a color and pattern for your retractable awning that looks great on your home in North Carolina.
  • Functionality – Our awnings can be motorized or manual. They can also be upgraded with many other features, including sun and wind sensors, dropdown valances, and protective cases.

At Sunesta, we’re also committed to making long-lasting, reliable products. That’s why we use 100 percent solution-dyed, synthetic fiber to weave our fabric. As a result, it is colorfast and resistant to the growth of mildew.

Call 1-800-SUNESTA today if you would like to have a retractable awning custom made for your home. We are proud to be the awning manufacturer of choice for many homeowners in North Carolina and beyond.