Custom Retractable Awnings for Homeowners in Lehigh Valley, PA

Retractable Awnings Lehigh Valley PARetractable awnings from Sunesta are ideal for creating a relaxing, shady oasis outside your home in the Lehigh Valley, Pennsylvania, area. Whether you wish to cover a deck or patio, your windows and doors, or an area away from the walls of your home (like a pool area), you will find what you are looking for with Sunesta. Plus, our retractable awnings are custom-made to fit the exact measurements of each customer’s home, rather than mass manufactured in standard sizes, so you can be certain of a snug and perfect fit.

When you choose Sunesta, you also get the benefit of being able to select from myriad add-on features for added convenience. Some popular choices among homeowners in the Lehigh Valley, PA, area include:

  • SmartPower™ – A motorization option that allows our retractable awnings to be extended and retracted with the simple push of a button.
  • SmartCase™ – A 360-degree enclosure that will protect your retracted awning from debris.
  • SmartTilt™ – Grants adjustability on the fly, allowing you to change the angle of your awning to ensure shade where you want it, regardless of the sun’s position in the sky.
  • SmartDrop™ – A handy drop-down valance that allows for protection from the east and west low sun.

In addition to a strong focus on customization, Sunesta has a dedication to producing the most durable and long-lasting retractable awnings on the market. Our fabric is composed of 100 percent solution-dyed acrylic fiber, which not only helps to maintain color, but also resists the growth of mold because it is a synthetic material. What’s more, our awnings are the first and only in the industry to have achieved approval by the Miami-Dade County and Florida Building Codes for an unprecedented resistance to high-speed winds.

To learn more about our retractable awnings, please call 1-800-SUNESTA today to schedule a consultation at your home in the Lehigh Valley, PA, area.