The Benefits of Installing a Custom-Made Retractable Patio Awning

Retractable Patio AwningA retractable patio awning can increase your enjoyment of your outdoor patio space by allowing you to have easy access to sunshine when you want it and shade when you don’t. And if you select a custom-manufactured product, you can expect an awning that will fit perfectly on your home for extra durability and aesthetic appeal. With the options available to you by purchasing a custom-made product, you should also have access to a wide range of fabric colors, styles, and patterns to make sure your new awning matches the existing exterior of your home.

But that’s not all, with a retractable awning you should be able to rest easy that your new sunshade will hold up to everything that Mother Nature has to offer. The industry recommends resistance of up to 45 mph wind speeds but it is likely that you will encounter higher speeds than that. So, when searching for an awning make sure that it has been tested in, and stood up to, the worst of conditions.

If you are interested in a retractable patio awning then do yourself a favor and turn to Sunesta. We are a custom manufacturing company who specializes in the fabrication of top-of-the-line awnings. Additionally, each of our customers will be given access to the widest fabric line in the industry. With more than 150 different colors, styles, and patterns to choose from, you will be sure to find an option that will match the existing exterior of your home.

To learn more about all of the retractable patio awning options, please call us today at 1-800-SUNESTA. One of our top-notch specialists will expertly handle any questions that you may have regarding all of our products.