How Do You Clean Solar Shades?

How Do You Clean Solar Shades?A solar shade is one of the best products you can install on your home to create a protective layer against the sun or any poor weather. However, many homeowners worry about how to maintain their new retractable screens. Thankfully, if you purchase a solar shade made with 100% acrylic fiber, your new shade will not require much maintenance at all. That is because acrylic fibers are made to be water resistant and are designed to prevent fading.

However, there are times when your new screen will require some light maintenance. If your solar shade has become dusty, it is best to use mild soapy water and a soft cloth to clean your screen. It is important to scrub in multiple directions, as these screens tend to have a tight weave to help build a barrier against the sun. After you have finished cleaning your screen, it is recommended to lightly dry the shade. Alternatively, if your screen isn’t very dirty, lightly cleaning it with a feather duster is also a suitable option to remove any unclean spots.

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