What Kind of Wood do you Use for a Pergola?

What Kind of Wood do you Use for a Pergola?If you’re considering having a pergola built or installed at your home, you may wonder what construction materials are most suitable. One of the more affordable choices for a pergola is a vinyl material, but if you have the budget for it, the most desired option is always going to be wood. The two most popular woods that are often used for pergolas are western red cedar and pine. Red cedar is well known for its durability and resistance to decay, but pine has that classic look that many homeowners desire for their pergola structures.

However, at Sunesta we realize that the material you select for your pergola doesn’t really matter as long as it is covered by one of our impressive retractable awnings. A pergola is often seen as an aesthetic option that leaves a lot to be desired in the shading department, and that is where we come in. Our high-quality awnings will help you get the most out of your backyard by granting you shade when you need it but the ability to let sun in or view the sky whenever you desire. All of this can be controlled with an optional remote control or the simple turn of a crank.

Furthermore, our retractable awnings for patios and pergolas are not going to take away from the aesthetic appeal of your new wood or vinyl pergola because we offer them in over 150 fabric styles. This allows us to ensure that you are going to have a fabric that matches your aesthetic preferences. And, our fabrics are highly durable and will resist moisture damage and fading caused by direct sunlight.

For more information about how our retractable awnings can enhance the enjoyment of your existing pergola or the one you plan to build, contact Sunesta today. We proudly serve homeowners throughout the United States.