The Sunplus Patio Canopy from Sunesta is a Great Investment for Your Home

Patio Canopy

After adding a Sunesta Sunplus patio canopy to your home, you’ll have a shaded outdoor living area that’s perfect to relax or entertain in. With plenty of cool shade to enjoy, you’ll never have to move the party indoors due to harsh sunlight ever again.

Turning to Sunesta for your patio canopy means that you are trusting pioneers of the retractable awning industry to custom manufacture an awning specifically for your home. One option we offer for deck and patio shade is the Sunplus. This patio canopy is:

  • Available in custom sizes up to 16’W x 23’P
  • Retractable so you can enjoy the sun when you want to and the shade when you need it
  • Manufactured with gutters to handle rain run-off
  • Available in a wide variety of fabric styles, so you are sure to find one that complements the look of your home
  • Built to withstand winds greater than the industry-recommended 45 mph
  • Manufactured with fabric that is resistant to fading in direct sunlight and fungus growth
  • Compatible with our SmartControl™ features, including wireless remote controls and automatic sun and wind sensors

Plus, the Sunplus patio awning comes backed by a five-year warranty on the frame and motor, and up to a 10-year warranty on the fabric.

To learn more about why the Sunplus patio canopy could be the perfect addition to your home, call 1-800-SUNESTA today. One of our friendly representatives will be glad to assist you.