Sunesta Retractable Patio Awning

The Sunlight


Sunesta Custom Retractable Awnings can be built to suit any size or shape your home or patio space may require.


With more frame color options than the competition, Sunesta has the perfect awning to match your home and patio colors.


Sunesta awnings also come with the largest selection of fabric patterns and colors.

White Glove Customer Service


Rest easy knowing Sunesta provides the best warranty in America for awnings.

Lifetime On the Frame

10 Years On the Fabric

5 Years On the Motor


All of our products are tested in harsh weather conditions to ensure your product is the best made on the market.


Our white glove customer service is an industry standard. Call today and find out why.

Nothing Standard about a Sunesta. You Get The Most Features Period!

Smart Pitch allows you precision control over the pitch of your custom made awning.

Smart Strong is 4 PVC coated cables that keeps the arms of your Sunesta awning strong for years.

Smart Caps offer the best in class protection for the awning hardware, against the harshest conditions.

Smart Mount is what keeps your custom made awning securely attached to your home.

All the Extras, Only at Sunesta

Smart Lights are built in beautiful LED lights to give your awning the ability to create a great ambiance.

Smart Control give you wireless remote control of the retraction or expansion of your awning.

Smart Hood is a protective aluminum barrier that keeps your awning safe and secure.

Smart Power allows your custom made awning to have power to retract and expand on demand with no effort.

Smart Fold are folding arms that allow for the most narrow of applications without sacrificing long projection.

Smart Tilt gives you complete precision control of the tilt of your custom awning.

Fastest Delivery in the Industry

Custom Made To Order

Professional Installation

Professionally Installed

Most Customizable Awnings

Largest Fabric Selection

Best Awning Warranty in the Industry

Nation's Best Warranty