A Custom Porch Canopy From Sunesta Will Look Fantastic on Your Home

A Custom Porch Canopy From Sunesta Will Look Fantastic on Your Home

Porch CanopyHaving a retractable porch canopy made by Sunesta means having it custom made for your home. Rather than relying on mass manufacturing like many of our competitors, we have developed a sophisticated, computer-aided manufacturing process that allows us to manufacture awnings and canopies in specific sizes, ensuring a perfect fit for your home!

In addition to size, Sunesta Canopies can be customized in many other ways. We have one of the largest fabric selections in the industry, comprising more than 180 different colors and patterns. Additionally, we have a variety of porch canopy styles, such as:

  • Wall mounting units – Also known as retractable awnings, these canopies will extend from your wall or roofline to cover your porch.
  • Freestanding shelters – These shade structures are made to stand independently and are perfect for shading an area on your porch away from the walls of your home.
  • Pergola covers – If you have a pergola or another existing structure on your porch, then our retractable covers are the way to go!

Another reason to choose Sunesta for your porch canopy is that we are devoted to customer service. All of our products are marked with a unique SmartCode™ number that allows us to look it up on our system and see all its specifications. This means, should you ever need assistance with your awning down the road, we’ll be able to provide you with personalized customer service.

If you’re interested in having a retractable porch canopy custom-made for your home, call 1-800-SUNESTA today.