Blowing Your Way Into The Southwestern Spring: Why A Screen Is An Ideal Investment

The spring comes as a welcome relief in the Southwest after the fickle months of both winter and fall.

That is, rather than struggling to adapt to dry, frigid nights and blistering days, spring is the season during which the overall weather and climate start to even out. Thus, you can at least expect consistency.

Well, until the wind comes into the picture, that is.

Speeding Through the Southwest

While wind might not necessarily be one’s first thought when they stop to consider the Southwest, residents of this region likely have it on their mind once the spring season rounds the corner.

After all, as demonstrated by Albuquerque, New Mexico, spring is when the fluctuating breezes grow stronger.

“For reference, on April 11, the windiest day of the year, the daily average wind speed is 10.2 miles per hour, while on August 14, the calmest day of the year, the daily average wind speed is 5.9 miles per hour, as explained by WeatherSpark.

Your Springtime Solution Has Sprung

Depending on the fickle nature of the year, it can be difficult to anticipate whether the high winds will blow in chilly air or warmer drafts. But in either case, the stronger wind speeds are capable of disrupting your comfort.

Thankfully, a patio screen can help you take back control of your favorite outdoor space.

This is because the screen’s mesh in and of itself is capable of absorbing the blunt force of the wind, whereas the following stream of air is directed down and away from you thanks in part to the overall frame.

What’s more, as the Southwestern sun returns along with the seasonal winds, the right screen can also mitigate sun damage and keep you up to 20 degrees cooler!

You’ll Mesh Well With A Sunesta Screen

Here’s a fun fact before the new season springs up on you: Sunesta screens feature state-of-the-art engineering in addition to a custom-made retractable design.

In fact, not only do you get to pick out your preferred tightness of mesh, but Sunesta offers coverage for widths up to 26 feet and up to a 12-foot drop! In other words, no matter how unique your Southwest home or space is, you’re guaranteed to receive a screen that compliments the property’s overall appearance.

So, what are you waiting for?

If you’re ready to experience white-glove customer service in addition to the industry’s leading warranty, contact our team today by calling 1-800-SUNESTA! We look forward to providing you with a FREE estimate.