Deck Canopy Jacksonville FL

A Deck Canopy for Jacksonville, FL, Homeowners Looking for a Cool Place to Hang Out

As a colorful deck canopy begins to extend out over the sunbaked patio of your Jacksonville, Florida, home, you may notice several things happening in quick succession. The temperature will drop. The glare will diminish. Garden furniture previously too hot to touch will cool to a tolerable level. And friends and family may begin to emerge from dim interiors to take advantage of an outdoor space made useable once more by the shade a retractable deck canopy provides.

At ArmorGuard Exteriors, we’d like to set all those things in motion by installing a deck canopy from Sunesta at your Jacksonville, FL, residence. These top-of-the-line products are made in America by one of the most respected manufacturers in the awning and canopy industry. Meticulously constructed and custom tailored for a perfect fit, our experienced installation team can have you out enjoying your patio, pool deck, or courtyard in no time. Our deck canopies:

  • Have more than 150 fabric styles to choose from, so you’ll always be able to find a color or pattern that perfectly complements your home’s exterior
  • Are built to last, with frames that are powder-coated for a scratch-resistant finish and canopies that are woven from durable, solution-dyed acrylic fibers that will never fade or discolor due to mold and mildew
  • Can be customized with wireless remote controls and automatic sun and wind sensors

Contact ArmorGuard Exteriors to learn more about how installing a retractable deck canopy at your Jacksonville, FL, residence can transform a hot spot into a cool retreat.