Gibraltar Investor Day: Sunesta, Gibraltar, and Success

Gibraltar, the company that oversees the overall market growth and distribution of Sunesta products, is committed to creating meaningful value in high-growth markets.

Thus, as they reviewed their development plans and strategies for ongoing evolution at the end of 2021, attendees were given a glimpse of what it all may mean for the home improvement market — and Sunesta itself.

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General Home Improvement Growth and Statistics

Particularly as the onset and continuation of the COVID-19 pandemic pressed families to spend more time at home, home improvement investments have increased over the last several years. Specifically, the value of the home — both in terms of financial value and sentimental value — has experienced an uptick, seeing as many live, work, teach, and even vacation at home.

Thus, Gibraltar aims to improve the overall quality of life for residential homeowners and their loved ones.

Aqua Grill with outdoor seating shaded by Sunesta products

Aqua Grill with outdoor seating shaded by Sunesta products

“Homeowners spend about 450 billion dollars a year on home improvements, and the reason is, for most of us, it’s the most important asset we own,” according to Gibraltar General Manager Jeff Bedard. “With the residential group, our people, solutions, and technology advance quality of life by protecting what matters and providing peace of mind.”

What’s more, home improvement is not just a matter of roofing and indoor structure; rather, outdoor living itself also features a large market. In terms of home improvement return on investment (ROI), outdoor spaces are routinely placed as a top area of residential projects that add value to the home property

The Future of Home Improvement and Gibraltar

Acting under its mission of equipping homes with long-lasting comfort and function, Gibraltar is a leader in both established and growing home improvement markets. This is largely thanks not only to its portfolio of businesses, but to its implementation of strategic imperatives in addition to its collection of regional-specific data, which provides assortment guidance for their various products and companies.

For example, Sunesta Awnings & Screens are a prominent company within one of Gibraltar’s three residential drivers for growth; namely, home improvement. After all, people aren’t just spending money on home improvements and projects for the sake of value and/o vanity. That is, other projects — like those that include Sunesta Awnings & Screens — can add both enjoyment and comfort to the home.

Thus, Gibraltar’s residential division is projected to reach about $700 million in revenue by 2025, amounting to a compound annual growth rate (CAGR) of 6% — and still, it has more opportunity for growth beyond that estimation.

Setting Up for Success with Sunesta

As a part of Gibraltar’s residential portfolio, there continues to be a steady stream of investments being made in Sunesta, thereby enhancing the quality and accessibility of such state-of-the-art outdoor technology.

And that’s something to be celebrated.

“Sunesta Awnings & Screens protect homeowners from outdoor elements like the harsh sun, wind, rain, and insects. A Sunesta awning will prevent direct sun and UV exposure, reduce outdoor temperatures [by] 15 degrees, and shed unexpected rain,” Jeff Bedard explained. “A Sunesta screen will block the wind, reduce water penetration, provide privacy, and keep the bugs out of your space. Both products maximize your outdoor view while also providing a lot of protection from the elements. As a result, our customers can enjoy being more comfortable outdoors and escape the indoors more often.”

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