How Screens Can Mitigate More Than Mild Winds in the Midwest

Winter winds know no mercy, and the harsher the wind, the more tightly we bundle ourselves up in our heavy winter coats.

And if you’d like to spend some time outside? Well, even a temperate Midwest day may be rendered too chilly when the wind comes out to play.

Luckily, a screen installation may be all it takes to curb your discomfort. Read on to learn how:

Carried Away by Wind Speed Averages

Simply put, the Midwest — home even to Chicago, which has been aptly nicknamed “The Windy City” —  faces its fair share of wind averages throughout the year.

For example, Milwaukee, Wisconsin reportedly experiences wind speeds of up to 11.5 miles per hour on an annual basis, and Kansas City, Missouri records speeds of approximately 10.6 miles per hour.

But why, exactly, is the wind in the Midwest so strong? And why is this region more likely to experience high winds in the winter, fall, and spring as opposed to the summer? Simple: it has to do with the Earth’s overall patterns of air circulation.

“In summer, the jet stream — the highway in the sky responsible for steering Earth’s weather patterns — frequently lifts to the north of the Midwest,”  We Are Iowa’s Weather Lab explains.

Can a Screen Really Be My Shield?

Yes. A screen while screens are typically thought of as summertime resources — and they absolutely are when it comes time to seek the safety of shade — they can also help to block the blunt force of high winds.

Specifically, the mesh fabric of a screen is apt to absorb the initial force of the wind. The frame, meanwhile, is capable of redirecting the impact of the wind stream.

Thus, even though a screen is designed to let in a breeze, it can still act as a barrier between you and the fickle Midwestern weather.

Finally, don’t forget your overall physical safety, too. No matter the time of year, high winds may unexpectedly send loose objects flying in your direction, and a screen will stop small to mid-sized flying debris that comes your way, thereby preventing physical harm or property damage.

Satisfying Comfort, Savoring Safety with Sunesta

At the end of the day, you deserve to be able to step outside and relax in your favorite outdoor area, be it on your patio, beside your pool, beneath a pergola, or elsewhere. And what better way to enhance the overall experience than with a state-of-the-art Sunesta screen?

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So, are you ready to beat the blunt, blustery Midwestern days?

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