Patio Canopy

The Best Patio Canopy Option for Your Home

Patio CanopyThere are several patio canopy options available on the market today, but none compare to Sunesta’s custom-manufactured retractable awnings. Our awnings are made to fit the precise measurements of each of our customers’ homes, with widths up to 40 feet. Plus, Sunesta Awnings are fully retractable and don’t require support poles or obnoxious upright frames that would otherwise obstruct your view and get in your way.

In addition, there are many other benefits to choosing Sunesta for your new patio canopy. A Sunesta Awning:

  • Puts you in control of the shade – Because Sunesta Awnings are retractable and so easy to operate, you can extend your awning for shade whenever you need it and retract it whenever you want to enjoy the sunshine.
  • Can lead to energy savings – Shade from your patio canopy will cool the interior of your home, making it easier for your air conditioning system to maintain your home’s temperature, which can lead to reduced utility costs.
  • Will beautify your home – Sunesta Awnings are available with more than 180 fabric options, so you can find just the right look to match your style and complement your home.
  • Can be customized with a wealth of optional features – There are a multitude of options available for our awnings, including motorized operation, wireless controls, sun and motion sensors for automatic extension, and more.

If you’re interested in having a patio canopy installed on your home, contact Sunesta at 1-800-SUNESTA today to learn more about our custom-made retractable awnings.