Porch Awnings

Sunesta Porch Awnings Put You in Control of the Shade

Porch AwningsIf you enjoy spending time outside on your porch, then awnings from Sunesta are just what you need to maximize your outdoor comfort. Sunesta Awnings are fully retractable, which means you can choose sun or shade whenever you want it. Plus, they don’t rely on upright support poles or boxy frames that would otherwise get in your way and block your view. For all intents and purposes, a Sunesta Porch Awning expands your home’s living area by effectively creating a new outdoor room – a room that will surely become your family’s favorite place to be.

One of the biggest benefits to choosing Sunesta is that each of our porch awnings is custom manufactured to suit our customers’ needs and complement their style. Some of the factors that are customized for each homeowner include:

  • Fabric – With more than 180 fabric options to choose from, including solids and stripe patterns in a variety of colors, you’ll be sure to find just the right look for your home.
  • Frame color – There are several color options for the powder-coated frames of our porch awnings, meaning that you’re in control of their appearance down to the last detail.
  • Size – Your new awning will be manufactured specifically for your home. Our custom sizes include projections up to 14’8” and widths up to 40’ (measured to the inch).
  • Optional features – Our porch awnings are available with a multitude of optional features, including motorized operation with remote controls, sun and wind sensors for automatic extension, drop-down valances for extra protection when the sun is low, and more.

You’ll find that Sunesta Porch Awnings will not only benefit your daily lifestyle, but also make for a great investment. A porch awning can lead to noticeable energy savings, as they will naturally shade your home by reducing solar gain through your windows, making summer much easier on your air conditioning system. Additionally, since they will beautify your home and expand your living space, Sunesta Awnings may even increase your home’s overall value.

Please contact Sunesta at 1-800-SUNESTA today for more information about our porch awnings and how they can enhance your lifestyle.