Retractable Awning Blaine MN

Energy-Efficient Retractable Awning Products Available to Blaine, MN, Residents

Every retractable awning from Sunesta of the Upper Midwest that you have installed over your windows, doors, deck, or patio can help improve the energy efficiency of your home in Blaine, Minnesota. When extended, these awnings limit the amount of the sun’s energy that enters your residence, helping keep your home’s inside temperature stable. As a result, less strain will be placed on your HVAC unit, which can lower your utility costs.

With Sunesta of the Upper Midwest, you will also be able to customize every retractable awning you order by selecting a fabric color and pattern from among the more than 150 available. Plus, you have the option of choosing special add-on features for your awnings, such as:

  • Aluminum covers that help protect your retracted awnings from the elements
  • Sensors that automatically retract your awnings when it’s windy and extend them when it’s sunny
  • Motors that allow you to expand and retract your awnings with a remote control for increased ease of use

To begin the process of adding a retractable awning to your home, contact Sunesta of the Upper Midwest today. Our factory-trained craftsmen are ready to make sure your new awnings are properly installed on your Oakdale, MN, residence.