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Timeless Technology, Seamless Sunesta Solutions: Summer in the Northeast

Sunesta Awnings from Sunesta on Vimeo.

The Northeastern spring is slowly but steadily giving way to the brunt of the summer season, meaning it’s time to look forward to shorter nights, hotter days, and the satisfying chill of a fresh, cold drink in hand.

And perhaps all that is enough to infuse joy into your coming weeks… But what if we told you we could actually help you take your summer enjoyment up another notch or two with seamlessly-integrated technology?

Think Brighter, Not Hotter

Not only is the Northeastern region of the United States already subject to annual heat waves but, according to the National Climate Assessment, it’s only going to get hotter from here. Thus, you may find that your favorite time to luxuriate in your spacious outdoor area is actually after the sun has gone down.

But who says you can’t utilize your awning just because you’ve already avoided the bulk of the day’s UVA and UVB rays? In fact, you can continue to light up your life by integrating Sunesta’s Smart LED awning lights!

In other words, when you illuminate the underside of your awning, you’re providing yourself with a newfound sense of versatility and peace in your outdoor environment. And when you brighten your space, you’ll find you’re putting a spotlight on the beauty of your own home.

Seeing Summer From A New Angle

“Northeast summers are characteristically warm and humid in the southern part of the region due to a semi-permanent high-pressure system over the subtropical Atlantic Ocean that draws warm, humid maritime air into the area,” as explained by the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration (NOAA). “In the north, summers are considerably more moderate due to their latitude and the frequent intrusions of cooler air masses from Canada.”

Put simply, when not in the midst of an extreme heatwave, the Northeast is typically not as hot as its southern counterpart. However, that doesn’t mean the sun isn’t present, nor does it mean residents of this region are invulnerable to harmful UV exposure.

Thus, Sunesta’s revolutionary SmartTilt technology is uniquely designed to provide you with continual protection from the sun. By allowing you the ability to easily adjust the angle of your awning to block the sun no matter where it sits in the sky, you can continue to enjoy your mild summer afternoons without fear of sunburn or property fading.

Making Summer A Breeze

When all is said and done, there’s one thing we know you’re seeking from your summer, regardless of whether it’s night or day: you want to take it easy.

And thankfully, you can achieve just that with any custom-designed Sunesta awning! After all, our industry-leading products are designed with Our Smart Control and Smart Power features, meaning their automatic and app-friendly wireless motors will deploy and retract your awning with the mere push of a button.

How is that for taking it easy in the Northeast?

So, if you’re ready to optimize your outdoor comfort and safety, the solution is simple — it’s time to contact Sunesta!

Between our state-of-the-art technology, the nation’s best warranty, and our white-glove customer service, we know this summer is going to be your coolest yet. Get started today with your FREE estimate when you call our team at 1-800-SUNESTA!