What are Awnings Used for?

What are Awnings Used for?

Homeowners usually have awnings installed over their patios, doors, or windows to provide shade from the heat and glare of the sun. Uncovered patios, in particular, can become much more useful when they’re protected by an awning, which can block harmful UV rays and keep solar heat from spoiling the refreshments during a backyard party. Retractable awnings are especially useful, as they can be extended and rolled up to suit the needs of the day, whether that means basking in full sunlight or sipping a favorite beverage in shaded comfort with an ample view of the outdoors.

Benefits Beyond Shade

There are many other important uses for awnings, however, which is one of the reasons they have become such a popular investment for homeowners. If you choose to have awnings installed on your home, here are some benefits you’ll enjoy in addition to shade:

  • Energy efficiency – Awnings can reduce the amount of solar heat that infiltrates the indoor areas of your home through windows or glass doors, thus potentially helping to lower your cooling costs. Similarly, when you invest in retractable awnings, you can withdraw your awnings on chilly days to take advantage of the sun’s heat to warm your home and reduce the strain on your heating system.
  • Brightness control – Awnings can significantly reduce the glare of the sun streaming through a window, which can sometimes interfere with reading, computer use, or even conversing with someone at the breakfast table. Preventing excessive sunlight from penetrating your windows can also protect valuable furnishings and flooring from premature fading.
  • A touch of panache – Depending on your aesthetic taste, you can use awnings to create eye-catching accents for your home or a more subtle expression of style with awnings that blend with your home’s exterior d√©cor.

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