Do Pergolas Really Provide Shade?

Pergolas are typically freestanding structures covered by open latticework or crossbeams that can provide a limited amount of shade from sunlight as the sun’s position in the sky changes throughout the day. A pergola is often prized more for its aesthetic value than for shade, as it can add a captivating architectural element to your garden or poolside entertainment area. In some cases, homeowners can train climbing plants to grow through the pergola’s beams or latticework to provide a higher level of shade, but that is a process that can take years.

If you like the appearance of a pergola but also want to enjoy shade on demand, you may be interested in the attractive retractable patio awnings available from Sunesta. These beautiful and highly durable pergola covers allow you to enjoy the best of both worlds – sun whenever you want it and shade whenever you need it. With the touch of a button or easy turn of a hand crank, you can extend or retract your shades to meet the needs of the moment.

What’s more, the retractable awnings available from Sunesta will add even more aesthetic appeal to your pergola because you’ll have your choice from more than 150 colors and patterns for the fabric. We’re a leader in the industry when it comes to custom shade solutions and technological options, and our fabric selection is second to none. Moreover, our water-resistant, 100 percent solution-dyed acrylic fabric won’t fade or rot, even after years of exposure to the elements, and it also resists mildew. We also offer some of the best warranties in the industry on our fabric and frames.

To find out more about our beautiful, custom-manufactured retractable awnings as a perfect solution to suit your need for shade over your pergola, patio, or deck, call 1-800-SUNESTA. We’ll be happy to help you locate an expert Sunesta shade installer for your home anywhere in the United States.