What are Sun Shades?

What are Sun Shades?Homeowners are increasingly using all types of sun shades to help them turn the light and heat from the sun to their advantage. Also known as solar shades or retractable screens, these mesh fabric panels can be rolled in and out of a wall-mounted housing unit to block sunlight or let it stream in as desired. Roll-up solar screens can transform a porch or covered patio into a temporary room that’s sheltered from the sun’s rays, rain, and pesky insects. Indeed, retractable sun shades can help homeowners entertain guests outdoors in comfort from morning to night, simply by raising or lowering the screens to control the amount of shade desired.

Retractable screens are typically manufactured from synthetic fabric that’s specially formulated to stand up to the sun and rain. The fibers may be tightly woven to block nearly all sunlight and precipitation, or the weave may be less opaque so as allow a better view of the outdoors. This is often referred to as the “openness” factor, and it’s an important feature to consider when you decide to invest in a retractable screen.

In addition to fabric options, you’ll also have choices to make regarding the operation of your retractable shade. Motorized retractable screens that can be remotely controlled with the push of a button offer the most convenience, but manually activated models can provide easy operation as well.

The knowledgeable professionals at Sunesta, a longtime leader in the retractable shade industry, are happy to help homeowners wade through the many options available in custom-manufactured awnings and screens to find the best solutions to meet their needs. Whether you’re looking for a retractable window shade to help protect indoor furnishings from the sun or multiple screens to shade your backyard pool deck, we’re ready to help. Contact us today at 1-800-SUNESTA.