Sunesta Innovations

Sunesta Shade Systems
2009 Introduced the SmartCode custom product ID number
2009 Introduced Sunstyle retractable patio awning
2008 Introduced the 14’8″ patio awning projection
2007 Introduced a four cable patio awning arm
2002 Introduced Plug-in ShadeTM motor, which uses an ordinary AC outlet
1998 Introduced first company-specific fabric book
1998 Achieved 5-workday production turnaround
1992 Established 5-year motor exchange program to replace motors under warranty
1990 Introduced the first two cable arm with PVC coverings
1988 Introduced The Sunlight patio awning
1986 Introduced weatherproof plug-in motor controls
1985 Introduced gear stops to prevent over-extending the awning
1983 Created first Sunesta exclusive fabric collection
1982 Introduced The Sunbrero and The Sundrop window and door models
1981 Achieved 10-workday production turnaround
1981 Offered the first colored frames
1981 Developed miniature working retractable awning model to help homeowners envision how an awning functions
1981 Introduced ready-to-install complete awning systems (The Sunesta) through a dealer network